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Development trend of Dongguan electronic transformer industry
  According to incomplete statistics, in 2007, nearly 3,000 factories producing electronic transformers, with an annual sales income of 25 billion yuan and hundreds of varieties of products, can be used for all kinds of complete machines, and have already become one of the world's largest electronic transformer production countries. 60% of the output of electronic transformers is used to meet the needs of the international market. Through the implementation of the strategy of winning by quality, the export of electronic transformers has gradually formed a climate, and the process equipment is also improving day by day.
  With the rapid development of electronic technology, the transformer has a history of more than 140 years, and is accompanied by a series of products to be updated. At present, the demand for consumer electronic products is becoming more stable, and the production speed of electronic transformers is slowing down. However, due to the popularity and demand for the use of high-frequency electronic products such as audio and video, office automation and communication, the demand for high-frequency electronic transformers Growing. High-frequency, low-loss, small-sized and low-cost electric transformers are currently the best-selling products on the market.
  The application of electronic products is constantly enriched, and the prospects of the electronic transformer industry are even better. In the future, China's electronic transformer industry will present the following developments:
First, institutional reforms have deepened and accelerated economic growth.
  With the further encouragement of the state to encourage the implementation of policies related to the non-public sector of the economy, non-public enterprises have sprung up and showed rapid development. These enterprises have promoted the improvement of the technological level of the industry, broadened the sales channels, promoted market prosperity and enhanced the industry's economy. vitality. It is estimated that at the end of the 11th Five-Year Plan, the total output of the industry will reach more than 5 billion, the sales income of products will be more than 37 billion yuan, and the profit will be more than 1.8 billion yuan.
Second, the growth of foreign exchange earning through exports has boosted corporate management.
  After China's accession to the WTO, the international market for electronic transformers is basically in a stable state. In 2007, the export value of electronic transformers was around US$1.3 billion. During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, the export of electronic transformers will increase, and it is expected to reach US$2 billion. Keep the surplus. Foreign exchange earning requires companies to implement green environmental regulations and produce green products that do not contain harmful substances. Enterprises will accelerate the process of green technology, and propose new issues in the application of green material parts and improvement of lead-free assembly technology.
Third, the market economy will promote technological advancement in the industry.
  Electronic transformer enterprises will surely take the road of technological progress in the future development. Although the traditional old products have market and production, but the profit margin is very small, it is impossible to form a strong competitiveness. The main profit point of the transformer lies in the new generation of high-end products, the rapid rise of passive integration technology, and the micro-chip type. The comprehensive upgrading of machine products has provided transformer enterprises with a technological entry point to achieve leap-forward development.
  In recent years, the development front of the electronic transformer industry, such as power ferrite materials, soft magnetic alloy materials, amorphous crystalline magnetic materials, nano-alloy magnetic materials, piezoelectric ceramics, nano-insulation materials, etc. have achieved fruitful development, this is an electronic transformer The technological advancement of the industry has created favorable conditions, and the electronic transformer will develop in the direction of high frequency, low loss and chip type with the demand for miniaturization of the whole machine.