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GBS (R) 04-18 flat cover type ribs box
GBS (R) 04-18 flat cover type ribs box
GBS (R) 04-18 flat cover type ribs box
      GBS(R)04-18 flat-top ribs are widely used in building lighting and small power control circuits in power plants, substations, factories and mines, hotels, apartments, high-rise buildings, ports, stations, airports, warehouses and hospitals. Suitable for AC 50H2 AC single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V and below, current 200A and below indoor lighting and power distribution money road, for line overload protection, short circuit protection and switchover, this type of equipment is suitable for civil use Or suitable for venues that non-professionals can enter.
      This product complies with IEC60439-1, GB7251 .1-1997 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment" and other standards.
Normal use environment and conditions
      ●The ambient air temperature does not exceed +40C, and the lower limit of the ambient air temperature is -5C.
      ●The relative humidity does not exceed 50% at a maximum temperature of +40, and a higher relative humidity is allowed at lower temperatures.
      ●The altitude of the installation site does not exceed 2000 meters.
      ●Installation category: Class II.
      ●Pollution level: Level 3.
      ●This product is used under special environmental conditions and should be resolved by the user.
      GBS(R)04-18 flat cover type ribs box is made by bending and welding of electrolytic steel plate. The surface is treated with epoxy resin electrostatic enamel coating, which is beautiful and durable. The distribution box is divided into lighting distribution box, power control box, metering box, etc. according to its use; according to its structure, the wall-mounted control box and the outdoor protection box are divided into two types: the metal door and the perspective door.
      The universal distribution box has flexible and diverse styles, and can be equipped with different electrical performance control systems, such as lighting distribution box, power control box, metering box, air conditioning control box, water pump control box, fire control box, etc.
Single-phase / three-phase meter box

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