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DWF-12k630 12Kv outdoor with switch cable distribution box
DWF-12k630 12Kv outdoor with switch cable distribution box
DWF-12k630 12Kv outdoor with switch cable distribution box
      The housing materials are all made of stainless steel or cold rolled sheets. The surface of the steel plate is sprayed with a thickness of not less than 1.8mm. It has strong corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. The top cover is air-layered double-layer structure with ventilation holes. The air inlet is located at the lower part of the box, and the air outlet is located at the outlet. The top of the box is hidden under the top sill, which can form convective air from bottom to top. The bottom of the box is provided with a detachable partition, and there are cable access holes to prevent small animals from entering and the box has good separation. Thermal ventilation effect.
      The switch is imported or domestically produced SF6 insulated three-station load switch, the switch gas is fully sealed, no heater, no condensation problem, no maintenance, no exposed electrified body in the box, the mechanical life of the load switch reaches 5000. The high pressure inlet and outlet wires are connected by an epoxy sleeve. Each space of the cable compartment is separated by a steel plate. There is an interlock between the front door and the corresponding grounding switch. The front door can only be opened when the grounding switch is closed. Each compartment is equipped with a set of three-phase live displays. A padlock device that locks the switch in either state (closed, opened, grounded, one of them).
      The position of the contact position observation window is provided on the load switch, and the state of the contact can be directly seen. A position indicator is also associated with the switch operating shaft to ensure accurate position indication. Mechanical interlock between the load switch and ground to prevent erroneous operation. The cable head is waterproof, electrically touchable, flood resistant, and flexible for cable connections and expansion. Reserving telemetry remote control, electric operation and SCADA function, it can be easily upgraded, and the distribution automation is gradually realized. The warning signs and warning signs such as “stop, high voltage danger” are printed in the obvious department of the cabinet.
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