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10-20KV fully insulated compact switchgear
10-20KV fully insulated compact switchgear
10-20KV fully insulated compact switchgear
      The SRM16 series of fully insulated, fully enclosed, inflated metal switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the inflator) is a fully sealed system with all live parts and openings sealed in stainless steel. The entire switchgear is unaffected by external environmental conditions, ensuring operational reliability and personal safety, and is maintenance-free. By combining scalable mothers, you can achieve any combination and modularity. The extended busbar is completely insulated and shielded, ensuring high reliability and safety. The gas-filled cabinets also provide an industrial automation solution that forms the concept of an intelligent switch and minimizes the amount of installation and commissioning.
      All the high-voltage live parts are located in the stainless steel case, and the case is welded with stainless steel and filled with SF6 gas with a working pressure of 1.4 Bbar, and the protection grade is IP67. It can be installed in humid, sandy and sloppy, salty, mine, box-type substations and any place where surface contamination is caused by air pollution without special precautions. No need for parental cleaning and anti-small animals, even the fuse room has IP67 protection. The extension busbars are fully insulated and fully shielded to ensure protection from external environmental changes and maintenance free.
Normal use environment and conditions
      ●Altitude: ≤3000 meters
      ●Ambient temperature: maximum temperature +55C, minimum temperature 45C
      ●Humidity: Maximum average relative humidity °C
                      24 hours measurement <95%, 1 month measurement ≤90%
      ●Earthquake resistance: seismic intensity does not exceed 8 degrees
Special condition
      In accordance with the IEC 60694 standard, manufacturers and end users must agree on special operating conditions that are different from normal operating conditions. If a particularly harsh operating environment is involved, the manufacturer and supplier must be consulted. When electrical equipment is installed at an altitude of 2,500 meters or more, special instructions are required to adjust the pressure during manufacturing.
Technical Parameters

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