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What are the classifications of high voltage ring network cabinets?
  At present, there are many types of high-voltage ring network cabinets, such as HK-10, MKH-10, 8DH-10, XGN-15 and SM6 series.
  The high-voltage ring network cabinet is a set of high-voltage switchgear installed in the steel plate metal cabinet or made into the electrical equipment of the assembled space-type ring network power supply unit. The core part adopts the load switch and the fuse, and has the advantages of simple structure, small volume and low price. It can improve the power supply parameters and performance as well as the power supply safety. It is widely used in substations and box-type substations in load centers such as urban residential quarters, high-rise buildings, large public buildings, and factories and enterprises.
  The high-voltage ring network cabinet is generally divided into three types: air insulation, solid insulation and SF6 insulation. It is used to divide the load current, break the short-circuit current and the no-load current of the transformer, and charge current of the overhead line and cable line at a certain distance to control and protect. The role is an important switch device for ring network power supply and terminal power supply. In the cabinet, the air-insulated load switch mainly has gas-producing type, gas-pressure type and vacuum type. The load switch with SF6 insulation is SF6 type. Since the SF6 gas is enclosed in the casing, the partition fracture formed by it is not visible. The load switch in the high-voltage ring network cabinet generally requires three stations, that is, the load is cut off, the circuit is isolated, and it is feasible to be grounded. Gas-producing, gas-pressing and SF6-type load switches are easy to realize three-station, while vacuum arc-extinguishing can only be broken and cannot be isolated. Therefore, the general vacuum-loaded ring network switchgear is equipped with an isolating switch before the load switch. Form an isolation fracture.