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What are the cabinet structures of high-voltage power distribution cabinets?
  The high-voltage power distribution cabinet is welded by thin steel plate and angle steel. The base is welded by channel steel. There is a single protective mesh door in front of the cabinet, and there are double-proof protective mesh doors on the back. The top busbar is open.
  The cabinet is divided into two compartments, the front compartment is equipped with spare (starting) busbar disconnecting switch, line isolating switch and cable head, etc., the top of the front room is equipped with spare (starting) busbar. The rear compartment is equipped with main (working) busbar disconnecting switch, oil circuit breaker The main (working) busbar isolating switch is installed on the top, and the current transformer can be installed in the lower part between the front and rear rooms. The oil circuit breaker and the isolating switch operating mechanism are installed in front of the cabinet. There is a single steel plate door on the left side of the cabinet. Inside is the relay room. Between each room, there is thin steel plate isolation between the primary electrical equipment and the secondary electrical equipment. The secondary electrical equipment can be repaired in the case of one electrical equipment without power failure.
  In order to prevent staff from mishandling, the cabinet is equipped with a procedural electrical interlock.